graphic designer


This project is focused on building a visual identity and branding a new product for Coca Cola. The drink, called "Frug" is a pomegranate and blueberry juice in need of a logo and full label design. I began by sketching out some ideas of different lettering and graphics to use. Once I settled on a style for the logo, I perfected it and designed ways for it to be integrated into a label and bottle. Scroll through the slides to view my initial ideas, progress work, final logo, and mockups of the label and bottle.


This visual design was created as the basis for a website build for a fictional summer camp. I began by designing a logo to start the process of building a visual identity. Then I chose a color palette and worked to create visual mock ups of each page with elements of similarity to unite the website. Finally I built the actual website using HTML5 and CSS3.


For this project, I decided to create an iOS App that related to helping people quickly and easily find out everything about any given city while visiting. I branded it with the name 'Uncover Rochester' with the intention of being able to swap out Rochester for any city in the world that wanted to use the app. The main functions are to separate main attractions, places to eat, preloaded city maps, and places to spend the night into easily navigable categories. The app also includes expandable upcoming event stories on its homepage.


For this set of posters, I chose to replicate grunge designer David Carson's style and technique. Both compositions include many overprinted layers, illegibility, typeface changes, as well as color schemes and imagery that Carson includes in his work. The posters also serve as information about the designer, with some of his famous quotes and interesting personal facts integrated into the design.


This project employs the Adobe AfterEffects program to explore the possibilities of motion graphics. From the title sequence through the end credits, this piece exemplifies different techniques of adding motion to imagery.


For this project, I used Abobe AfterEffects to set the words of a famous Beatles song in motion. It uses color, typography, and original vectored images to show off the mood and tone of the song while the movement of the words add visual interest.


For this stamp series project, I chose a theme of reduce, reuse, recycle, and go green. All of the illustrations are original vectors done in Adobe Illustrator. The success of this series is that each stamp works individually and also as a set of four, where the continuous circle implication is created.


This project began by choosing a common household item and creating a flawless vectored copy of it, using gestalt principles. Then I chose a word to be associated with the vectored object, and found a way to seamlessly integrate the object into the typography of the word. The addition of a short body of text describing the act of using a hole punch was added for a final version.


For this project I was assigned an actual event to create an advertisement for that fit the feeling of the event. First I designed and vectored the graphic guitar and detail. Then I chose a typeface that evokes the feeling of a Folk Festival and integrated the two elements.



My name is Britta Moberg and I am a graphic design student at Rochester Institute of Technology. I have a passion for clean, simple designs and am interested in editorial design, typography, and branding. When I'm not working on projects I love to play volleyball, curl up with my cats, and read books. Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to hire me for freelance work!